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What do our patients say about us?

Our patients about us

Ilona Hendzel Janicka

“It’s a fantastic clinic and a professional service! The greatest SPA for your smile. I highly recommend!!!”

Barbara Urbańska

“Dr Marcin Łosek – a dentist, endodontist, prosthodontist, 100% reliable. Doctor Łosek took up the difficult job of my endodontic retreatment, removal of a broken instrument, a so-called “endo” root canal treatment, which many doctors in other clinics refused to perform. I had my teeth treated under a microscope—they are like NEW! The doctor also performed a prosthodontist treatment. I have 4 new china crowns on metal, all of them looking very natural. I can now enjoy a new, refreshed smile every day. The clinic, the doctors, the service – all worth recommending! I give them 6 stars!

Kotańska Irena

“I am very happy about my treatment at Dental Fraternity. Nice and very polite service. If the date of the appointment changes, they take care to notify me in good time about it. I truly recommend them.”


“Małgorzata Mlosek is a great specialists, and the receptionists are very nice. They approach all the cases seriously. I truly recommend them.”

Tomasz Goliński

“I recommend Dental Fraternity and its dentists. The patient is provided with detailed information on the purpose of the treatment. Very friendly atmosphere.”


“Extremely nice and professional staff. Doctor Bartłomiej Szczodry provided me with absolutely professional and caring service.”

Adam Lipka

“Extremely nice and professional staff. Doctor Bartłomiej Szczodry provided me with absolutely professional and caring service.”

Aneta Maykowska

“It is a very pleasant place offering professional and fast service. My teeth cleaning procedure was very thorough and gentle. At the end, Ms. Magda advised me on the direction of my further treatment. I recommend them with a clear conscience :)!”

Alina Kacperska

“Very kind receptionists and extremely caring competent doctor.”

Małgorzata Woźniak

“Very nice service, doctors and assistants really helpful and professional. All in all, I am very satisfied.”

Adam Adamowski

“Only positive things; I would give them 6 stars if I could. The whole team is on the highest level. Jan Perek is a miracle worker. Ms Weronika (a patient account manager) with an easy mind explains what’s going to happen during the treatment, arranges the schedule, and even soothes anxious patients. Everything happens in a nice and friendly atmosphere.

Daniel Piecek

“Many thanks to incredible Doctor Perek. Perfection, quality, a non-traumatic implantation, and a Hollywood Smile in the end. Thank you a lot, Doctor Perek!”

Maciej Sęk

“I heartily recommend Dental Fraternity. I appreciate their individual and professional client approach and friendly service. I really recommend.”

Robert Konieczny

“I have never had anybody take care of my health (health of my teeth, but still!) so professionally as here. I am impressed! See you in a week!

Tomek Urbanek

“I recommend Doctor Bartłomiej Szczodry. A completely unerupted lower 8 has been perfectly removed 😉

Alicja Omylińska

“I highly recommend! Dr Jan Perek is a great specialist; he removed three of my wisdom teeth in a fast and pain-free way; I’m waiting to have my last one removed. Regards!

Małgorzata Nowak

“Excellent service provided by Magdalena Michałowska, her professionalism and great approach to patients. I highly recommend!”


“Once again, thank you a lot:) I am deeply impressed by the professionalism and organization of the whole clinic—that really never happens... and, due to my profession, I have visited many private clinics; I left the clinic quite astonished! Doctor, you are awesome!!!

W. Nowak - Trzcińska

I recommend having your teeth treated in this clinic. Client-friendly atmosphere, warm-hearted doctors, no need to wait long for an appointment.”

T. Lewandowska-Szanowska

“Professional medical and administration service. Doctor Jan Perek, a dentist and prosthodontist, is a great prosthodontics expert. Worth recommending.

Iwona Grabarek

“Great and professional service. Painless and stress-free treatment. I highly recommend!!!

Małgorzata Woźniak

“Very pleasant service, helpful and professional doctors and assistants. Generally, I am very satisfied.”

Ula Zielińska

“If it is even possible to enjoy a dentist’s appointment, I recommend dental fraternity from the bottom of my heart, and especially doctor Jan Perek. They take care of you in the most professional way, even if you are extremely stressed. They conduct a detailed dentist interview and take great care of you before and after the procedure. My extraction of upper wisdom teeth was quick and, what’s the most important, there were no complications:)

Wioletta Kozłowska

“I am extremely satisfied with my beautiful composite veneers and their perfectly chosen colour, matching my „jagged” and darkened incisors, excellently applied by delightful and skilled (also artistically) doctor Izabela Jędruch. Thank you! I definitely recommend!”

Witold Stanisławski

“Very kind, caring, and competent. I really recommend!!!

Agnieszka Seidel

“Professional approach to patients, delightful staff, and, above all, pain-free treatment.”

Ewa Nawrocka

“Really nice atmosphere in the clinic. Ladies in the reception area are very friendly and always smile. I have been a patient of doctor Dorota Sękowska for six months now; she is every bit a great expert and professional—specific and to the point, all while being nice and friendly

Michał Wyrzykowski-Kuć

“Doctor Sękowska – an excellent specialist. Doctor Kisiel – an excellent extraction that I recommend to everybody. Their account manager – a very nice young person. Doctor Szczodry – thoroughly professional. Their secretary’s office – a delightful service

Jolanta Czarzasta

“A competent, communicative, and very kind doctor. Appointments with the doctor are held in comfort and good conditions.”

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Dental Fraternity – the name of our clinic is not accidental. In 2013, continuing the family tradition, brothers Jan and Maciej Perek started their clinic based on such values as trust, loyalty, empathy, honesty, cooperation, and fraternal bond.

The same values became key selection criteria in choosing doctors and others members of our personnel. From the very beginning, we have created a team of people cooperating and not competing with one another. With mutual support at work and using our own experience, we are better in what we do, enriched with the experience of our colleagues. Thanks to all that, we can provide our patients with a significantly wider range of services and solutions for even the most complicated problems which the state-of-art dentistry manages to solve today.

Knowing that some patients associate dentist appointment with negative experiences and others even find it stressful, we take good care of all our patients and show understanding throughout the whole treatment period. Each dentist in our practice is open to all your needs and expectations. Creating a friendly atmosphere from the moment you enter our clinic to the time you leave it, we try to reduce stress to the minimum and ensure comfort for each patient. This is what makes our patients satisfied and eager to visit us again for check-ups.

We provide comprehensive teeth treatment and care services, knowing from our professional experience that only a complex approach guarantees a beautiful smile and healthy teeth, which will stand the test of time and stay with you to your old age. In our practice, located in Warsaw’s district of Ochota, we offer services of not only dentists, but also orthodontists who can correct teeth malocclusion, limiting the risk of different diseases.

Nowadays, a well-cared-for smile serves as a showpiece, both in private and professional life. A beautiful smile and healthy teeth are not only a guarantee of one’s well-being, but also of greater openness, social acceptance, and higher level of happiness in life. Dental Fraternity in Ochota is definitely a way to get such a beautiful smile.

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