dental surgery

Dental surgery includes a number of oral procedures. For most patients, it is associated only with tooth extraction, while its scope is definitely greater. In our clinic, we perform all dental and maxillofacial surgery procedures. Procedures are usually performed under local anesthesia. Depending on the type of surgery and the patient's wishes, there is a possibility of performing procedures under general anesthesia under constant supervision of the anesthesiological team.

The main areas of dental surgery:

  • tooth extraction and removal of retained teeth,
  • root tip resection,
  • hemisection,
  • radectomy,
  • periodontal surgery (e.g. undercutting a frenulum),
  • implant surgery

Immediate implantation

Dental surgery is not just about removing a tooth. Our surgeons in some cases may immediately after extraction perform implantation in the place of the removed tooth. It is an immediate implantation in a fresh alveolus. However, usually the first stage is to remove the tooth, and then after 6 weeks, after the healing period, a dental implant is implanted. The benefits of such treatment are primarily a smaller number of treatments and reduced treatment time.

Thanks to the precision of our surgeons and the use of appropriate anesthesia, the treatments are absolutely painless. Most patients return to their daily activities the day after the surgery.

Our team of doctors makes every effort to ensure that tooth extraction is the last resort.

If patients follow the recommended follow-up visits after treatment, they can enjoy a beautiful smile for long years.

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