Dental hygienization - oral health prophylaxis

Teeth hygiene is a topic that should interest people who want to maintain good oral health. If your problem is ...

Teeth hygiene is a topic that should interest people who want to maintain good oral health.
If your problem is tartar, sediment and discoloration, be sure to read our entry - you will find out what a hygienization procedure looks like and how often it should be done to enjoy a healthy and beautiful smile every day!

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Oral prophylaxis is essential

Everyone dreams of a beautiful smile that adds confidence in private and professional life.
Unfortunately, for many people, the appearance of teeth is a cause for shame and contributes to the formation of complexes due to visible discoloration and tartar build-up in excess. Bleeding gums and an unpleasant smell from the mouth cause great discomfort. Brushing your teeth alone is not enough - tartar cannot be removed at home. For this purpose, you should visit a dentist for a dental hygiene procedure. Regularly performed can help patients deal with many problems and prevent them from converting in the future.

Dental hygienization - what is it about?

Full hygiene is in fact a series of treatments designed to clean and protect our teeth.

The first stage is scaling, i.e. accurate and precise removal of tartar. There are various ways to remove scale, among others mechanical, ultrasonic, laser or chemical method. Removing tartar is very important because the build-up promotes tooth decay. It can also contribute to gum disease and periodontitis.

The next stage of hygienization is sanding - removal of deposits and discoloration. This procedure is performed using water with the addition of a special preparation and is not painful.

The next stage is polishing, i.e. polishing the patient's teeth with a special paste that smoothes and cleanses them. This treatment is very important - thanks to it tartar deposits will be minimized in the future.

The last step is fluoridation. It consists in protecting the teeth with a fluorine-containing agent (in the form of foam, varnish or a special gel), which is designed to protect them against the formation of caries and strengthen enamel.

After the procedure, the patient is informed by the dentist how long you should not eat or drink other than water. After hygienization, care should be taken to ensure good dental hygiene - carefully brush them with a good paste, also remembering to thoroughly clean the space between them with floss and to use mouthwash.

Tooth hygiene - how often should it be done?

Appropriate tooth prevention will help us enjoy health and avoid treatment for longer. Dentists recommend visiting for hygienization Every 6 monthsthat our teeth are always properly cleaned and protected.

Teeth hygiene - contraindications

Can dental hygiene be performed on every patient? Stomatolodzy nie polecają tego zabiegu osobom borykającym się z poważnymi schorzeniami i ogólnymi zaburzeniami zdrowotnymi takimi jak astma, osteoporoza czy opryszczka na ustach. Osoby z głębokimi kieszonkami dziąsłowymi, rozrusznikiem serca oraz kobiety w pierwszym i ostatnim trymestrze ciąży powinny poinformować lekarza dentystę o swoim stanie zdrowia przed zabiegiem.

After hygienization, our teeth are clean, smooth and shiny. Patients may observe that after removal of tartar, plaque and discoloration, they also become significantly whiter. The problem of bad breath, hypersensitivity and bleeding gums is a thing of the past, and routine dental check-ups are becoming a pleasure. Prevention is something to remember - book a visit and take care of your health today!


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