Zygomatic implants - an alternative to a dental prosthesis

Zygomatic implants - how much do they cost, who will they be suitable for and what benefits do they give? These are just some of the questions asked by ...

implants zygomatyczne – ile kosztują, dla kogo będą odpowiednie i jakie dają korzyści?
These are just some of the questions asked by people seeking for themselves the best and most effective method of treating problems,
what are missing teeth or jawless teeth.
In this post, we want to dispel doubts and shed some light on the procedure of implanting zygomatic implants.


paweł aleksandrowicz, implanty zygomatyczne
Doctor Paweł Aleksandrowicz - a doctor specializing in implantation of zygomatic implants at Dental Fraternity.

Zygomatic implants - an option or a necessity?

Zygomatic implants are an option for some patients, but a necessity for many.
Specialists define zygomatic implants as the most physiological solution for patients suffering from missing teeth or even complete maxillary toothlessness.
Dental implants of this type are gaining popularity - dentists are increasingly proposing to patients the implantation of zygomatic implants, and patients themselves are willing to decide on it, seeing the numerous benefits that it brings.
Interest in this method of treatment is growing not only in Poland, but also in Europe and the world.

Zygomatic implants as an alternative to dental prosthesis and classic implants

Implanty zygomatyczne to alternatywa dla klasycznego modelu zaopatrywania pacjentów w standardowe implanty zębów czy dentures zębowe.
Thanks to them, patients can avoid a series of complicated procedures preceding the implantation of classic dental implants.
What's more, in the case of zygomatic implants, the final effect can be achieved much faster, and while waiting for the right procedure, patients do not have to feel uncomfortable due to missing teeth - doctors within 1 day are able to provide them with temporary reconstruction.

Zygomatic implants - for whom?

Zygomatic implants are a response to the needs of people with advanced periodontal disease, which resulted in bone atrophy.
They may prove to be the only salvation for patients in whom restorative jaw bone surgery has no chance of success.
Without its reconstruction, classic dental implants cannot be implanted, which forces the patient to undergo long-term rehabilitation and treatments such as bone reconstruction, sinus lift or jaw graft.
Lack of bone in the jaw is not a contraindication to the implantation of zygomatic implants - in many cases it is the only reasonable solution to restore the patient's smile and joy of life.
Zygomatic dental implants also work well in patients who have had classic dental implants in the past, but they have ceased to function for various reasons and must be removed.

How long does the procedure for implanting zygomatic implants take?

Implantation of zygomatic implants is not only extremely effective, but also a quick solution - the final effect can be achieved even in 2 months.
In this matter, much depends on the patient's state of health and his expectations, however, it should be emphasized that during this time the patient is not excluded from professional and social life due to missing teeth.
In 24-48 hours, doctors are able to perform and give the patient a temporary restoration during one treatment.
The patient thus avoids the process of preparing the jaw for implantation of classic dental implants - complicated procedures lasting up to several months, during which he would have to live without prosthetic restorations.

Zygomatic implants - benefits

The implantation of zygomatic implants has a number of physical and psychological benefits - it has an impact on health, well-being, self-confidence as well as satisfaction and joy of the patient's life.
All this is possible thanks to the knowledge, experience and commitment of dentists specializing in implantology.

How to make an appointment for a zygomatic implant placement?

To arrange a zygomatic implant placement, you must first consult your dentist.
First of all, he will focus on finding the cause of tooth loss, he will be thoroughly acquainted with the patient's state of health and his expectations,
which will be the starting point for developing the best individual treatment plan.
Your dentist will consider conditions in the patient's mouth, his health, blood parameters, and even the level of vitamins and lifestyle to choose the most delicate and least invasive method of action.

Zygomatic implants - price

How much do zygomatic implants cost? The price is often set individually depending on the type of problem and the patient's expectations.
Although this is one of the most expensive solutions, patients are aware of its effectiveness and cost-effectiveness.
Although the cost of the procedure starts from a few thousand zlotys, it is an investment that will pay off faster than it might seem in the form of a new, better life. Is there anything more valuable?

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