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Dariusz Nowacki


A graduate of the Faculty of Dentistry at the Medical University of Warsaw.
First job – dentist – Industrial Healthcare Team at F.S.O.
In 1992-1998, Medical Director for Dentistry at Dental Medical Polonia.
Since 1998, a long-term employee of the Vita Dent Clinic.
Participant of many courses and trainings, incl. in Germany – Course organization and management of a Dental Clinic, Chicago – conference – Conservative dentistry and prosthetics.

Passed courses :

  • Prevention, diagnosis and management of iatrogenic diseases occurring in dentistry. AM faculty of postgraduate education.
  • Caries and periodontal disease prophylaxis. AM GABA International AG.
  • Lasers in Medicine. LASER instruments Laser Technology Center.
  • Emergencies in conservative dentistry. AM. Department of postgraduate education.
  • Diagnosis and treatment of periodontal diseases “up to date” Scandinavian Dental Systems.
  • Developments in the diagnosis,, prevention, and treatment of disorders of the craniofacial complex. AM Department of Conservative Dentistry.
  • Light and color in the aesthetic reconstruction. ENAMEL PLUS HRi Micerdent.
  • Patient radiation protection.