Teeth treatment in pregnancy - why is it so important?

Teeth treatment in pregnancy is a serious topic. Women expecting a child within nine months visit many doctors and perform ...

Leczenie zębów w ciąży to poważny temat. Kobiety spodziewające się dziecka w ciągu dziewięciu miesięcy odwiedzają wielu lekarzy i wykonują liczne badania, by jak najlepiej zadbać o zdrowie rosnącego pod ich sercem maleństwa. Do listy obowiązkowych wizyt lekarskich powinny koniecznie dopisać konsultację stomatologiczną. Przeczytajcie nasz wpis i dowiedzcie się, dlaczego to takie ważne.

leczenie zębów w ciąży, w ciąży do dentysty

Pregnancy and the dentist

Many women wonder if it is possible to go to the dentist during pregnancy. The answer is simple - you can and even have to! Hormonal changes that occur in the body of a pregnant woman can affect, among others to hypersensitivity, bleeding and soreness of the gums, which can result in increased plaque build-up that is the cause of a number of other conditions. Teeth treatment in pregnancy is also the best way to stop the ongoing disease process in the mouth, which can affect the development of pregnancy and its course. Let's not postpone the visit - it's best to go to the dentist in the first trimester.

Teeth treatment in pregnancy - what treatments are indicated?

When a woman learns that she is pregnant, she should consult a dentist. At the follow-up visit, the dentist is able to recognize even small lesions in the mouth that are still developing and do not cause any pain. Remember to always inform your dentist that you are pregnant. He will choose the appropriate and safe method of treatment, plan the right time for the procedure - usually in the second trimester and, if necessary, be able to offer safe anesthesia. Teeth treatment in pregnancy is not everything. It is also important to go to a hygienization treatment to clean them and remove deposits and scale.

Anesthesia at the dentist during pregnancy

Will anesthesia at a pregnant dentist harm my child?
This is one of the most common questions arising in the minds of patients facing the need to treat teeth during pregnancy. Nowadays, dentists already have anesthetics that can be safely used on pregnant women.

Root canal treatment in pregnancy

Treatment kanałowe w ciąży może przysparzać pewne trudności, ponieważ zazwyczaj wiąże się z koniecznością wykonania zdjęć rentgenowskich, które u ciężarnych kobiet nie są wskazane. W takiej sytuacji lekarze zabezpieczają chory ząb tymczasowym wypełnieniem, zalecając kobiecie kontynuację leczenia po porodzie.

Teeth treatment in pregnancy - tooth decay is contagious!

There is another important reason why you should decide to treat your teeth during pregnancy - tooth decay is a bacterial disease that is easy to get infected. Medical conditions in parents' mouths can become a threat to a newborn child. Future parents should take care of their oral health at the stage of pregnancy planning or during pregnancy so that after delivery they can fully enjoy their family life by going to the dental office only every few months for routine reviews.

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