We provide comprehensive dental treatment and care, knowing that only a comprehensive approach will guarantee a beautiful smile and healthy teeth that will survive into old age.
In our offices in the districts of Warsaw Ochota, Centrum, Bemowo, Śródmieście and Powsin, not only dentists, but also orthodontists offer their services, who will help restore the correct bite by reducing the risk of developing many diseases.

Price list

The treatment we offer at Dental Fraternity is a comprehensive treatment, which is why we provide a full range of services in every field of dentistry (including dental physiotherapy, logopedics and myofunctional therapy).

At Dental Fraternity, we approach each patient individually, so we will create your initial treatment plan with a cost estimate for you even during the first visit.

In addition, in order to provide you with maximum comfort, from the first visit to the end of the entire treatment process, you will be accompanied by your Personal Patient Assistant (read more about its functions here), who, after preparing your treatment plan in cooperation with your doctor, will inform you exactly about the individual stages of treatment, their sequence and costs.

The price list below contains only selected dental services, and the prices are informative and illustrative.

Hygienization package

300 PLN

One of the basic preventive treatments aimed at restoring a beautiful and healthy smile, and above all preventing the development of caries and gum disease, is professional hygienisation. According to the recommendations of the World Health Organization, tartar should be removed twice a year. At Dental Fraternity, hygiene treatments (such as scaling, sandblasting, polishing, rubbing, flourescence) are performed by qualified and experienced hygienists who, in addition to performing the procedure itself, will conduct individual oral hygiene instruction with you, teach you how to properly use a toothbrush, dental floss and irrigator, as well as select toothpastes and rinses so that you can enjoy a clean and healthy smile for as long as possible.

Specialist consultation

200 PLN

The treatment we offer at Dental Fraternity is a comprehensive treatment. Our team consists of specialists and experts in every field of dentistry, who often join forces and cooperate together for the best treatment results. At Dental Fraternity you will be covered by interdisciplinary treatment if, for example, you have missing teeth. In order to replace the missing teeth, your treatment will be conducted by both a surgeon, implantologist and prosthetist (each at a particular stage or simultaneously during one treatment). Another example of the use of team treatment are treatments under anesthesia, which are performed by our dentists assisted by an anaesthesiologist, in a situation where, for example, you suffer from severe dentophobia. Thanks to general anesthesia and team treatment, they will be able to heal all your teeth, remove those that cannot be saved and replace the missing ones without fear and pain, even during one visit.

Hybrid nanocomposite filling in a permanent tooth

from 200 PLN

Tooth crown reconstruction

from 350 PLN

Wysokiej jakość nowoczesne wypełnienia nanokompozytowe stosowane w Dental Fraternity cechują się 20-krotnie mniejszą objętością niż cząsteczki używane w tradycyjnych kompozytach hybrydowych. Dzięki temu świetnie dopasowują się do koloru zęba, a ponadto odbijają, rozpraszają i pochłaniają światło podobnie jak żywe zęby. Wypełnienia nanokompozytowe umożliwiają wypełnianie ubytków metodą warstwową oraz pozwalają na idealne wypolerowanie - dzięki czemu powierzchnia wypełnienia/odbudowy jest gładka, a utrzymanie higieny łatwiejsze. Oprócz przywrócenia koloru, kształtu i funkcji zęba podpowiemy Ci, jak powinieneś zadbać o wyleczone już zęby, aby nie dopuścić do powstania wtórnej próchnicy.

Infiltration / conduction anesthesia

from 30 PLN

Preparations for infiltration and conduction anesthesia used in Dental Fraternity are safe and effective. If you are afraid of pain during anesthesia, we will minimize it by using flavored anesthetic gels. This gel is applied to the mucosa a few minutes before the injection. Especially young patients like to choose their own taste and color, which greatly relaxes them and reduces the fear of the upcoming treatment. In special situations, we offer treatment under general anesthesia, but we will tell you more about it during the consultation.

Primary treatment

from 700 to 1600 PLN

Reendo treatment

from 950 to 1750 PLN

For root canal treatment at Dental Fraternity, we use a state-of-the-art operating microscope, which allows you to view the inside of the tooth chamber, and above all, to the root canals, which, due to their small size, are almost invisible to the naked eye. The microscope in endodontics is an invaluable device because it allows for the most thorough cleaning of the tooth roots from bacteria. Magnified vision enables very precise work in a small treatment area, e.g. 1mm. Of course, the mere use of a microscope does not guarantee success in treatment, the key here is the knowledge, experience and manual skills that distinguish our specialists in the field of endodontics. When deciding on root canal treatment at Dental Fraternity, you can be sure that thanks to professional equipment and, above all, excellent specialists, it will be carried out in a safe manner, and thus the risk of complications or failure will be minimized.

Global / Nobel Biocare Implants

from 2500 PLN to 4000 PLN

All-on-4® (mandible / maxilla) - 12-point bridge on 4 implants

from 29 000 / 39 000 PLN

All-on-6® (maxilla) - 12-point bridge on 6 implants

from 48 000 PLN

Dental implants are the most modern and the most natural solution in the absence of a single or several teeth. They ensure complete comfort of use as they successfully replace natural teeth. An implant is nothing more than an artificial root made of titanium. This root is the basis for tooth reconstruction. At Dental Fraternity, we work with a proven implant system that includes a lifetime warranty on the implant. Care for the quality and comfort of our patients are the most important to us, which is why we focus on reliable and durable implantoportic solutions, which are guaranteed by the Nobel Bicoare implant system. If you have even a single missing tooth - do not underestimate it. Our experienced experts in the field of implantology will explain the consequences for your health of not replacing the missing tooth / teeth and will prepare for you the best solutions for the reconstruction of the missing tooth / teeth.

Composite crown

1500 PLN

Porcelain crown on metal

1800 PLN

All-ceramic crown

from 2200 PLN to 2500 PLN

Crown on implant

from 2400 to 4500 PLN


from 900 PLN

The indications for the installation of prosthetic crowns are, among others large tooth damage caused by caries, fracture or pathological tooth wear. Sometimes they are also put on after the end of root canal treatment, when the natural crown is weakened or chipped. If you have missing teeth that you plan to replace with implants, crowns are their integral part. It happens that crowns are a support for the so-called prosthetic bridge, then they are sometimes placed on healthy teeth. If, however, you dream of a Hollywood smile, crowns are one of the solutions that our specialists in aesthetic dentistry can offer you. At Dental Fraternity, we offer many types of prosthetic crowns with different advantages. The differences in the price of crowns depend on the material from which they are made. We will professionally advise you which, depending on the indication, will be the best for you.

Porcelain bridge on metal (three-point)

from 4500 PLN

All-ceramic bridge (three-point)

from 6000 PLN

A prosthetic bridge is a supplement consisting of two pillars (prosthetic crowns) and the so-called pontics (supplementing the missing tooth / teeth). They are used when the patient does not have one, two or three teeth, provided that there are teeth / implants adjacent to the gap. Keep in mind that not every tooth can act as a bridge abutment, and the oral conditions may not be good enough to cement the bridge. In prosthetics, as in other fields of dentistry, the knowledge and experience of a doctor who can predict the effect of treatment and propose the most beneficial solutions to the patient is invaluable. At Dental Fraternity, only such specialists will conduct your treatment. An alternative to prosthetic bridges is implant-prosthetic treatment, which allows you to replace missing teeth without interfering with the healthy tissues of the teeth adjacent to the tooth gap.

Porcelain veneer

from 2000 PLN to 2500 PLN

Veneers are small, thin "flakes" made of durable dental materials. Made in any shape, they recreate the dream, perfect form of a tooth, and after sticking it on its surface, they mask fillings, discolorations and other imperfections. Thanks to the possibility of creating any size and shape of veneers, they allow you to change the appearance of a single tooth and adjust it to the shape, size and color of all the others. The effect of such a correction is to obtain the effect of perfectly even and uniformly white teeth. The differences in the price of veneers depend on the material from which they are made. If you dream about the metamorphosis of your smile, it is possible that our specialist in the field of aesthetic dentistry will offer you a solution with veneers.

Full acrylic prosthesis

from 1500 PLN

Skeletal prosthesis

from 1800 PLN

At Dental Fraternity, we do not recommend dentures. What instead of them?

Smile simulation - 1 arch (WAX-UP)

from 1500 PLN

Composite Inlay / Onlay

from 800 PLN

Porcelain Inlay / Onlay

from 2000 PLN to 2500 PLN

DSD is an innovative concept of Digital Smile Design that allows you to visualize your future, dream smile. Thanks to DSD, you will see the final effect before starting the treatment. Thanks to the use of this modern concept, it is possible to design a smile that will be fully integrated with your physical facial features, with your facial expressions, as well as with your personality.

X-ray picture of one tooth

30 PLN


100 PLN

Maxillary Tomography (CBCT)

350 PLN

Cephalometric image - side tele

100 PLN

Our X-ray laboratory is equipped with the most technologically advanced digital pantomograph and computer tomograph. Digital photos enable faster and more precise diagnosis by our doctors. Thanks to advanced technologies and solutions, we can diagnose patients using 3D tests, which play a key role in treatment planning.

Single-root tooth extraction

from 200 PLN

Extraction of a multi-rooted tooth

from 300 PLN

Removing eights

from 500 PLN

Surgical removal of a partially retained eight

drom 700 PLN

Surgical removal of the figure eight completely retained

drom 1000 PLN to 2000 PLN

Raising the bottom of the maxillary sinus

from 2500 PLN to 7000 PLN