Prevention in dentistry plays a very important role. Prevents tooth decay and periodontal disease. It allows you to eliminate odor from the mouth and reduces discoloration from coffee, cigarettes, tea, etc.. We provide patients with a full range of professionally carried out preventive procedures using modern and proven methods. The treatment plan is adapted to each patient individually.

In the field of prevention, we offer:

  • scaling, i.e. removing tartar
  • sanding
  • tooth varnishing / fluoridation
  • oral hygiene instruction
  • sealing teeth

The above steps are also an introduction to teeth whitening. Dental hygiene guarantees a whiter smile and keeps your teeth in excellent condition.

Oral hygiene instruction

The instructions provide detailed information on proper oral hygiene. After the examination, the hygienist selects the appropriate tooth brushing technique individually. It varies depending on the patient's needs, the condition of his teeth and periodontium. Remember that a brush and toothpaste are not enough! It is very important to clean the interdental spaces with dental floss or interdental brushes. Washing the tongue is an extremely important point of oral hygiene. For this purpose, scrapers are used that will remove sediment and tarnish from the tongue.

Preventive tooth treatments:



is a procedure involving the removal of tartar. The accumulation of dental deposits is very harmful to the health of the oral cavity and the whole body. Scaling is performed using ultrasonic devices. To prevent plaque buildup again, tooth surfaces are polished using brushes, pastes or erasers. This provides a pleasant feeling of smoothness.



is a treatment for removing deposits and discoloration. It is often a complement to scalding, because it cleans interdental spaces very well. That is, such gaps where no other tool or brush will reach. Each sandblasting ends with polishing all cleaned tooth surfaces.



is applying a special fluoride varnish to the surfaces of all teeth with a high content of fluoride. The procedure is performed both in children (milk and permanent teeth) and adults. Varnishing strengthens teeth and makes them more resistant to decay. It is mainly used in the prevention of tooth decay and tooth sensitivity.



It covers the mucous membranes and is associated with extensive gum tissue and bone defects in the interdental spaces.

Correct brushing

Recession treatment begins with the elimination of factors that contribute to damaging the dental necks. You must first remove scale and deposits that are on your teeth. A patient affected by recession should be taught the right method of brushing teeth and taking care of oral hygiene. It is also very important to change the brush to one that will damage the gums as little as possible.

Gingival reconstruction method

Treatment of gingival recession involves repairing gum tissue that has been lost. To this end, a surgical procedure classified as so-called Periosurgery (muco-gingival surgery), which involves rebuilding the atrophic gums. The exact method of gingival reconstruction and gingival recession treatment is selected individually for each patient after a thorough interview and medical consultation. The procedure is performed in a dental office under local anesthesia.

Controlled regeneration method

The procedures performed to treat gingival recession include, among others palate tissue transplant or mucosal lobe shift from recession. Another way may be to use a controlled regeneration method. This method consists in supplementing the bone defect - the type of supplementation is selected by the doctor adequate to the patient's state of health.

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