Prosthetics and aesthetics

Prosthetics is a field dealing with the replacement of cavities after loss or damage of teeth. Deficiencies in teeth are the cause of temporomandibular joint and digestive system disorders. It is worth thinking ahead, remembering the importance of the psychological aspect of having complete teeth. Each prosthetic restoration requires even greater care from the patient for proper oral hygiene and compliance with regular check-up and preventive visits.

Our clinic's prosthetic services include: permanent restorations, i.e. crown-root inlays (made of various types of metal alloys, fiberglass), porcelain crowns, all-ceramic crowns, bridges, inlays, composite and ceramic onlays, veneers, removable restorations, i.e. dentures complete (complementing all missing teeth), skeletal dentures (supplementing partial deficiencies) and implant prosthetics (prosthetics on implants).

Prosthetic crown

The prosthetic crown is a permanent supplement that is made when the tooth crown is significantly damaged and its reconstruction with light-curing material is no longer possible. It is made of various materials - currently, porcelain crowns on a metal foundation and all-ceramic crowns are most often used. The crown is a kind of hat put on the tooth, which must be prepared for it. The dentist at the appointment under local anesthesia reduces the tooth to the appropriate size. Then impressions are taken, which are given to a prosthetic laboratory, where a crown is made in laboratory conditions. At the next visit, the doctor gives the patient a ready crown and, after the patient accepts the work, cement it permanently.

Aesthetic and durable

Prosthetic crowns are very aesthetic and durable. Due to the great aesthetics, the crown can be made above or to the gingival. The prosthetic crown is also made on an implant with which it is connected by so-called connector. It is also worth mentioning the temporary crown, which always accompanies the patient when the tooth is reduced. It provides cover and protects the reduced tooth until the next visit. Such a crown is made of acrylic or composite directly in the office by a doctor or in a prosthetic workshop (for extensive work). When performing such work, we always offer the patient a temporary crown so that he or she can feel comfortable.

Prosthetic bridges

Bridges are restorations that rebuild one or more missing teeth and are based on the patient's own teeth (so-called bridge pillars). The bridge consists of pillars and a span. The span is the part of the bridge that completes the dental "gap" and is attached to the crowns of the abutment teeth. Simply put - the bridges are blocked by the crown span. The bridges are comfortable additions because they are permanently attached. Their use is as close as possible to the use of natural teeth. Similarly to prosthetic crowns, bridges can be made of various materials. The foundation of the bridge can be an alloy of steel, gold, platinum, zirconium.


Veneers are small, porcelain flakes glued to the tooth surface, used in cosmetic dentistry. Thanks to veneers, you can get a beautiful smile in a short time to regain confidence.
With the help of veneers, you can lighten a tooth, give it a beautiful shape and color, lengthen it, widen or eliminate gaps between teeth. It is also a good solution for people who want to brighten the color of teeth and preserve the natural color, but hide permanent discoloration. They are also applied in the case of unsightly furrows or minor damage to the teeth, e.g. cracks, chipped or worn edges.

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