DSD – Digital Smile Design
Digital Smile Design

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DSD – Digital Smile Design

DSD in an innovative concept of Digital Smile Design, which allows for a visualization before the treatment, to see what the Patient will look like with a new smile. With this advanced concept, it is possible to design a smile which would be fully integrated with physical features of Patient’s face, their facial expressions, and personality. This technique allows to precisely plan the final effect of treatment.

With the use of this method, it is possible to see the final effect of treatment and avoid the risk of being disappointed that the final effect is significantly different from what you have expected. What is more, Digital Smile Design enables to save your precious time and money on dentist appointments which do not meet your expectations, which allows to avoid stress and unnecessary disappointments. DSD is also a great way to streamline communication and understanding between patients and doctors, allowing to learn about Patient’s dreams and expectations, as well as make them involved in the process of smile design.

Designing a smile of your dreams includes several stages:


During the first consultation, we conduct a detailed examination of oral cavity, muscles of mastification, and temporomandibular joints. A detailed analysis of your smile and face is performed. Then, we take images (extra- and intraorally) and record a short video. Based on these materials, we design your new smile, which is in harmony with your facial features, expressions, and personality. It is a key element in the DSD process, as properly prepared images and impressions are a basic and inseparable element of smile design.


At this stage, we analyse patient’s face proportions, symmetry, facial expressions, and we design their new smile. During this analysis, a doctor is able to determine the ideal look of your teeth – their shape, proportions, structure, and colour. All these procedures can be performed with the use of special computer software which allows you for precise calculations and analysis based on taken images.


Based on these calculations and drafts, a doctor can make a so-called mock-up – a model of your ideal smile. Mock-up is a plastic simulation of new veneers/crowns – a temporary only which ideally shows the effect which can be achieved as a result of treatment. Thanks to that, you can check if the designed solutions meet your expectations.


At this stage, the doctor and the Patient discuss patient’s impressions and reflections. It is the time in which the Patient can share their remarks regarding teeth model with the doctor, allowing to personalize their future smile even more and, as a result, to adjust the new smile to Patient’s dreams and expectations.


After the Patient and doctor agree on Patient’s expectations regarding their dream smile, the doctor can start planning the treatment. As a result, the treatment stages leading to the dream smile can be planned in great detail, so the Patient knows exactly which procedures are necessary and when they will be able to enjoy their new smile. After accepting the treatment schedule, it is possible to immediately implement the digital design.

What is important, this type of treatment often requires great involvement of doctors of different specializations – surgeons, orthodontists, or prosthodontists. Thanks to that, it is possible to achieve an ideal and satisfying effect. Designing a smile and planning a detailed treatment schedule, the Patient can be certain that the treatment will be performed accordingly to the plan, which will allow to plan visits in advance and spread treatment costs.

Dear Patient, to design your dream smile, you may only need two visits in our clinic. During the first visit – a consultation – we can collect necessary information to create a proper teeth model. During the second visit, you will be presented with the effect which you can expect after the completed treatment.
Dear Patient, do not hesitate and create your dream smile with us today!