Zygomatic implants are a chance for patients with complete toothlessness. Without raising the bottom of the bay. No bone transplants. No more wearing an uncomfortable, uncomfortable prosthesis!

Until now, such procedures required a long treatment time, even up to two years.
Thanks to zygomatic implants, the treatment process lasts up to 4 months.

Zygomas replace prostheses

Until recently, people without teeth or with a few teeth in the upper or lower jaw were doomed to uncomfortable prostheses, currently the possibilities of dentition reconstruction are huge. In the lower jaw (mandible) even with large atrophy and a small amount of bones - you can almost always put nice teeth (the entire dental arch) on 2 implants (so-called overdenture) or on 4 implants (so-called All-on-4). At bone atrophy in the upper jaw where you need to rebuild the bone doing so. Sinus lift transplantation. The healing process is extended by an additional procedure and a minimum 6-month healing period. After this time, it is only possible to implant ordinary, short implants, which in turn require the next 6 months of healing in order to be able to set teeth on them - together it takes about 12 months ...

History of zygomatic implants

Zygomatic implants were invented by "Father of dental implantology" - Swedish professor Per-Ingvar Brånemark. He did this after conducting a number of tests on the jaw bone and its resistance to loads. He found that the cheekbone (zygomatic) was of sufficient volume and consistency compact enough to properly heal the titanium screw.

During the procedure, long implants are inserted into the cheekbones at the right angle and only an experienced specialist can do it. At Dental Fraternity, this procedure is performed Paweł Aleksandrowicz, MD, PhD, which implants zygomatic implants for 20 years.

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