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The treatment we offer at Dental Fraternity is a comprehensive treatment, which is why we provide a full range of services in every field of dentistry. The price list below contains only selected dental services, and the prices are informative and illustrative. At Dental Fraternity, we approach each patient individually, so we will create your initial treatment plan and cost estimate for you during the first visit.

A dentist for you

Do you need a good dentist? When it comes to dental offices, we are here to help. We offer our patients the most modern equipment, which affects the quality of our treatments. Both the dentist and the orthodontist also ensure the highest comfort of patients – treatment takes place in a relaxed and stress-free atmosphere. Due to the skills of our dentists, as well as the continuous improvement of qualifications, you can be sure that these are the best dental offices in the city.

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Read the opinions of our patients and join them. Your health and satisfaction are the most important to us.

I recommend the Dental Fraternity clinic and its dentists. The patient receives precise information on the advisability of treatment. A very friendly atmosphere.

~Tomasz Goliński

I am very pleased with the treatment at the Dental Fraternity Clinic. Nice and very polite service. If there is a change of the date of the visit, I am timely informed about this fact. I recommend.

~Irena Kotańska

Many thanks to the amazing doctor Jan. Perfection, quality, atraumatic implantation and finally Hollywood Smile. Thanks a lot Jan!

~Daniel Piecek

Very nice service, doctors and assistants very helpful and professional. Overall, I am very happy.

~Małgorzata Woźniak

Only pluses, I would like to give 6 stars. The entire team at the highest level, Jan Perek can work miracles, Mrs. Weronika (patient's guardian) calmly explain what will be done, rip the entire calendar and calm down the more afraid patients. All this in a cheerful and pleasant atmosphere.

~Adam Adamowski

I heartily recommend the Dental Fraternity office. I really appreciate the individual and professional approach to the client and the friendly service. I recommend.

~Maciej Sęk

As much as it may appeal to the dentist, I wholeheartedly recommend the Dental Fraternity clinic, and in particular Dr. Jan Perk. Professional approach to the patient, even the very stressed one. A thorough dental interview, care before and after the procedure. The extraction of the upper eighths went quickly and most importantly without complications :)

~Ula Zielińska