After graduating from medical school in 2014, in the field of Dental Assistant, she gained her experience in private dental clinics. For 7 years she has been assisting doctors during conservative treatment, endodontics and prosthetics. However, she is most satisfied with the help of orthodontic specialists. In 2019, she raised her competences by graduating from school in the field of Dental Hygienist and since then she has also been working on the correct prophylaxis of the oral cavity of our patients. She participates in courses and training for assistants and hygienists. She appreciates a pleasant atmosphere at work and believes that it influences the well-being and satisfaction of patients.
She loves to travel, hike in the mountains and in her free time she relaxes, listening to music and practicing sports, mainly long bicycle routes, gym, snowboarding.

A graduate of the National Medical University in Kharkov (Ukraine) in the field of medicine and dentistry.
Still in the 3rd year of studies, she decided that orthodontics – this is the branch of dentistry that interests the most and after graduation, she actively expands her knowledge in this field, they participate in various courses and trainings.
In her daily work, she focuses on the treatment of malocclusions in adults and children. The greatest satisfaction for her is a satisfied patient and his beautiful smile.
When planning orthodontic treatment, she tries to choose the method that best meets the patient’s requirements, in her arsenal she has treatment with fixed appliances and the overlay method.
Being a dentist – a childhood dream and every day it comes true for Dr. Ivanna Boychuk-Bocharova.

She Graduate of the Medical University of Warsaw. She gained practice and skills at the Teaching Hospital of the Infant Jesus and taking part in numerous courses, including “Master in Orthodontics Mini Residency IAO”.

She deals with conservative and aesthetic dentistry, dentistry and pediatric orthodontics.

Her passion is work! road cycling and mountain trekking.

A graduate of the Medical University of Warsaw in the field of medicine and dentistry. His passion is dental surgery and conservative dentistry. She is constantly expanding her knowledge and skills by taking part in international courses and congresses. Reliable and precise, he puts the patient’s comfort and satisfaction first.

Student of the Warsaw School of Management, specializing in marketing. She is constantly expanding his knowledge related to dentistry. She spend every free moment to his family.

An expert in treatments with the All-on-4 method. A graduate of the Superior Ciências da Saúde-Norte Porto Institute in Portugal.
He specializes in surgery and implantology, he graduated from Universidad Sevilla in Spain.

Dr. Nuno Rebordão has over 20 years of experience in European clinics in Portugal, England, Spain, France and the Netherlands. He is fluent in English, Spanish, Italian and French.

She graduated from the Medical University of Wrocław, obtaining the title of dentist in 2013. She completed her specialization in periodontics at the University Center of Dentistry at the CMWUM in Warsaw.

In his everyday practice, he deals with the treatment of periodontal diseases and changes on the mucosa, he performs treatments in the field of periodontal microsurgery, covering gingival recessions, removing lesions from the mucosa and corticotomy.
He is a member of the Polish Society of Periodontology and the European Federation of Periodontology. He acquires and improves his knowledge at numerous trainings and conferences both at home and abroad.
At work, she is always full of energy to act, thorough and kind.

In her spare time she travels, reads books and spends time actively.