Nasz zespół

Anna Łukaszewska

Patient's Personal Carer

A graduate of MA studies at the Jagiellonian University in the field of Public Health, who is full of life energy and constantly develops her competences and knowledge by participating in numerous courses and trainings.
The acquired knowledge in the field of medical sciences and social sciences allowed her to better identify the patient’s needs. For several years it has been fulfilling – in the new position in dentistry – Patient Carer. With commitment and empathy, she tries to advise, support, motivate and guide the patient through the entire treatment process. It mediates and facilitates communication between the patient and the doctor from the very first visit, explains the treatment plan presented and its possible alternatives step by step, and coordinates the often complex course of treatment. In her work, she loves to observe how the change and regaining of a smile by the patient affects his whole life. At the end of the road to a dream smile, she is moved with her patients.