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Maciej Perek


Maciej Perek is a graduate of the Warsaw School of Economics in the field of Management and Marketing. He also graduated from the prestigious University of the West of Scotland in the field of Business Administration and Management. Maciej’s professional education and excellent knowledge of the dental industry, with which he has been associated for 10 years, allow him to successfully manage six dental clinics. Constant expansion of your skills and active acquisition of knowledge in the field of management and marketing during numerous trainings, skillful definition of goals enables consistent and stable development of each clinic in which Maciej acts as a co-owner.
His favorite motto is “The team is the foundation”. In addition to knowledge and experience, it focuses on a strong and well-coordinated team. He pays great attention to its selection in order to guarantee patient service at the highest level.
Constant observation of the industry as well as the perception of patients’ needs has led to the creation of an innovative position of Patient Care, implemented in the clinics where he manages. The Patient Guardian position has been operating in these clinics since 2017.
In private life, a father of three children, an extreme sports enthusiast.